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Confinement Diary - Day 5

Time for a restart, a reset, a reboot… This blog has been dormant for far too long now. So while I could have scrapped it completely, I have decided to resume posting.  

As the title suggest, I am confined at home like most French citizens not working in healthcare or other essential activities. This is the fifth day of the confinement already (hence the title) and I think this exceptional situation is the perfect time for introspection and improvement.  

Or more to the point: self-improvement... Since it is impossible to get out of my home, this is good time to work on skill building and interesting projects while waiting the viral storm abates.  

Who will read those posts is a question I asked myself before starting… Actually, I will read myself, since I intend to make those post an easy to find repository of my thoughts and projects. And this is a good way to improve my writing skills and see my improvements over time.

So that’s it for my initial post to restart this blog, and I intend to post at least every two days. I will see if I can keep this promise to myself.

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